Small schools turn to the LAB for support

The Local Administration Bureau (LAB) provides much-needed, cost effective and high quality administration support for small, rural Victorian schools.

Its aim is to free up schools from important but time consuming administration tasks, so there is more time to focus on teaching and learning outcomes and managing your school resources.

Set up by schools for schools, the LAB staff are trained in best-practice administration for all the department’s policies and systems, including finance, budget, payroll, human resources, building maintenance and SRP.

The LAB’s systems have recently been streamlined to increase its capacity to make its services available to all small schools. This upgrade includes an online portal that enables schools to send requests for service and to track transactions at the touch of a button.

The LAB service is flexible and schools can choose the services they need on an opt-in, fee for service basis.

Here’s what our schools have to say:

“The LAB is sensational and makes a significant difference to how I run my school.  It frees us up to use our time more directly connected to improving student outcomes and provides higher levels of accountability around our actions.” Michelle Griffiths, Principal, Elmore PS

“Using the LAB gives the Principal and I reassurance in knowing that things are being done properly and to a high level.” Robyn Kilgour, BM, Myrrhee PS

“The LAB is all about value. Yes there is a cost to using the LAB, but so is there for additional staff and over-worked staff.  We weighed it up and chose the LAB.” Jack Fisher, Principal, Oakleigh PS

Fees for 2014 will be available in December 2013. Find out how the LAB can help your school by calling the LAB Project Manager Nina Fromhold on 9651 0205 or visiting