Why you should become a member

Unfortunately, from time to time, not everyone who professes a commitment to improved educational outcomes actually fully understands or respects your Council/Board’s role in that process and your responsibilities as a Council/Board member in matters of governance at your school or college.

Happy CommiteeThere are often times when not everyone who should be supporting you, will be as open and honest as you might wish in declaring a conflict of interest or allegiance. Not everyone who professes to be on your side will actually be sharing your agenda.

  • When you raise issues of concern and they are either dismissed without satisfactory explanations, or responded to in a cavalier manner, what do you do?
  • If you’re being asked to endorse something you’re uncomfortable with, who do you go to?
  • If there is something you don’t understand and answers are not forthcoming or clear, who can you go for advice?
  • When you ask questions and get fobbed off with excuses, where do you turn for answers?
  • Are you getting mixed messages? Do you feel pressured, hassled or uncomfortable? Do you feel you are being intimidated?  Who can help?

SGAL. We are just a phone call or email away.

All SGAL members are entitled and encouraged to contact us for prompt independent advice and support. Whether you’re the President or the Executive Officer, a DEECD, Parent or co-opted Community member of your Council/Board, you are a part of SGAL.

We are here for you at any time.  Confidentially. Professionally. Quietly. Efficiently. Thoroughly. SGAL is focussed on resolving the issues that concern you, not in apportioning blame or in grandstanding.

Not a member? Contact us anyway and we’ll try our best to assist you.

Membership Renewal Forms

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Our Members

We have directly supported over 100 schools including:

  • Warrandyte High School
  • Camberwell High School
  • Marlo Primary School
  • Thornbury Primary School
  • Camberwell South Primary School
  • Fish Creek Primary School
  • Gembrook Primary School
  • Sherbrooke Community School
  • Blackburn High School
  • Wattle Park Primary School


Our full list of members can be seen here.